Play Like A Girl

Sanya Richards Ross

Sanya Richards Ross, 4x Olympic gold medalist (1 bronze)

You’ve heard people say this, maybe you’ve said it yourself. “You hit like a girl, throw like a girl, cry like a girl, that’s for girls”. Girls are made of some of the best and most resilient stuff known to “man”. In every war, women are targeted for violence because everyone knows, if you destroy the strongest part of a community, you win.

I throw like a girl. I run like a girl. I play like a girl. I cry like a girl. Every single time I hear someone say something like that, first I get pissed. Second, I think “You should be so lucky. Girls are awesome! Just ask all the boys I beat on the yard.” Next time you are tempted to say one of those phrases with contempt, think of some of my favorite girls and be in awe of their power on the field.

Billy Jean King
Marion Jones
Selena Williams
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Maria Sharapova
Nadia Comenechi
Annika Sorenstam
Danica Patrick
Bethany Hamilton
Brandi Chastain
Aimee Mullins


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