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Boys and Food


You never want to be in line for food AFTER the bus-full of high school athletes. Nothing like a group of kids (especially boys) to wipe out a restaurant, buffet, or refrigerator.


Modeling Online Behavior

Buddist Boot Camp

(Photo courtesy of Buddhist Boot Camp)

I hear a lot of people complain about what they read on social networks. I tell my 7 year old when she whines about what she doesn’t like that what she puts out into the world is the way the world looks upon her.

Want to see different behavior online? Model it.


The Truth About Bullying

How about we end *bullying*? Cause when people talking about ending cyberbullying, I think to myself, I just call it being a bully no matter the vehicle. It’s not cyber’s fault. Behave online and off. Like your mom is watching.

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