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Marriage Rights

My parents married in 1971, just 4 years after it became legal. I can’t believe that my parents would’ve been breaking the law to be married just a few years before!

Here’s to all the lovers. May you all (be allowed to) marry the one you love!!!

Interracial Marriage


Cultural DisRespect

Racism Culture PosterOnce I received a phone call from a man (Caucasian) to ask me if I would be offended if he were to dress up as person that was African American that he highly admired. I told him I would. I didn’t go the event but when I saw pictures of him dressed COMPLETELY as Mr. T, I was even more insulted.

You know it’s offensive, why would you belittle someone’s race or culture? Just look at the face of this young woman. She’s so hurt that she can’t even look at the camera. (There are many more when you click on the picture). I wouldn’t make fun of your culture, why would you do that about mine?