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I am Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Every time we move, my husband breaks or greatly damages some piece of furniture. This time it was the bed frame (the metal kind). It wasn’t that he broke it when we moved, it just wasn’t set up right the first time, and when he tried to fix it, it got worse.

He’s a contractor so when something breaks, I tell him because he can fix it just as well as most repairmen can.

So last night I complained again that the bed frame is broken and he says, “So YOU handle it!” out of understandable frustration. I made up my mind to do just that.

Today I walked into a mattress store, bought one, loaded it up, got it home, set it up, made a fresh bed and will get an IMMATURE amount of joy in saying,
“I handled it.”

Sometimes he just needs to be reminded that I owned my own home and set of tools before we met. I am Wonder Woman.


Why It’s Awesome to be a Nerd

Wil Wheaton indulges a woman in his audience and records a video for her new daughter about why it’s awesome to be a nerd. This is just amazing.

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