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Building Schools One Brick at a Time

The Bodega Volunteer Fire Department is selling bricks to build a firehouse.

How else can this idea be used? One hint: schools.

Firhouse Fundraising


Bringing Light in with Brainpower

It’s amazing what a little brainpower and ingenuity can do to change and brighten people’s lives.


Hip Hop Ballet with Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma

This I know to be absolutely beautiful.

Spike Jonze films Lil Buck jookin’ and Yo-Yo Ma playing cello. Hip hop ballet.

No such thing as time

There is no such thing as time. The sun never sets or rises. Days and years donโ€™t exist. There is only your life. Earlier today you were born and death is predicted later in the evening.

What is a SuperPower?

Aimee Mullins talks about her 12 legs. “Why wouldn’t you want to fly?” A conversation about designing our bodies out of a place of empowerment. This talk will really make you think about beauty and ability.

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Truth as Revolution

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ~George Orwell

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